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B2B Digital Marketing Agency 

Cutting-edge, AI & Tech-enabled Marketing Solutions, to help you Generate More Leads

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Out-of-the-world solutions to help manufacturing and export companies across sectors, to get more qualified leads from international markets. 

  • Account-based marketing (ABM)

  • Brand Strategy

  • Personas and buyer strategy

  • Sales and Marketing allignment

  • Data & Analytics

  • Advertising on various channels

  • Lead qualification & nurturing

  • Marketing Automation & Technology

  • SEO strategy 

  • On-page & Technical SEO

  • Content Development & Distribution

  • Backlinks development

  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • Engaging Email Creation

  • Email Upload and Automation

  • Monitoring Campaign Success

  • PR Opportunities Identification

  • Audience demographics

  • Create and distribute press releases in top online media channels

  • Branding and design

  • Custom  website design

  • E-commerce website development

  • Website support

Digital Marketing Agency for Export Companies

Take the Guesswork out of Digital Marketing

Celestial Fix is a B2B Focused Digital Marketing Agency that provides a broad range of services to help you reach your business goals. Our experienced digital marketing specialists utilize the latest analytics technologies to measure and analyze your spending as well as the return on investment in terms of impressions, clicks, and conversions at an extremely granular level. This helps to optimize your campaigns and target the right personas, leading to maximum ROI. With our tailor-made plans, you can reach any corner of the world to your ideal customer profiles without any guesswork. Contact an expert at Celestial Fix today, to help take your brand really really far!

Where are your customers? 

Research by Gartner shows that when B2B buyers consider a purchase‚ they spend only 17% of their time meeting potential suppliers. Your sales rep may get only 5 - 6% of their time, that too, if you are among the top 3 -4 shortlisted suppliers!

If you'd like to create an environment in which prospective buyers find you and build trust in your organization even before you actually meet, feel free to connect with Celestial Fix, where we specialise in digital marketing for B2B companies and produce results that matter.

B2B Digital Marketing Services

80% of B2B Sales Interactions Between Suppliers and Buyers Will Occur in Digital Channels by 2025

In a digitally connected world, it is imperative for B2B sellers to have a robust digital presence across various channels and to be prompt and responsive in digital communications. With less customer face time, sales reps need to embrace new tools and channels, as well as master the art of virtual selling via digital channels. As B2B companies, we need to up our game in terms of researching customers online, engaging with them, understanding their buying behaviour and making a strong digital pitch for online sales enablement.

B2B Digital Marketing Agency in India

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness

B2B Digital Marketing Agency in the United States

We help companies grow their business, with online marketing that is focused on B2B companies and international markets. We help build responsive, robust, Mobile-Friendly Websites with Search Engine optimization built-in, that will help drive organic results in the long term. Most importantly, we plan and execute highly targeted Advertising campaigns on the right channels, to the most relevant audiences to help your business stand out and perform better.

Brands we have helped our customers connect to

Best digital marketing services for B2B Export companies

What our customers are saying about us

Name: Emily Foster
Position: Sales Manager
Company: GlobalTech Machinery


"Celestial's AI-powered lead generation services have had a profound impact on our sales efforts. We've seen a significant increase in high-quality leads, allowing our sales team to focus their energy where it matters most. The use of AI chatbots and behavior-triggered nurturing sequences has made the entire process more efficient and personalized. Our business has grown by 25% in the past year, and we owe a large part of that success to Celestial. Their expertise in AI and B2B marketing is truly unmatched."

Name: Sarah Mitchell
Position: Marketing Director
Company: Precision Manufacturing Solutions


"Working with Celestial has been a game-changer for us. Their lead generation strategies, powered by AI, have not only increased our lead flow but also transformed our bottom line. We've seen a remarkable 45% growth in our business within just one year of partnering with them. Celestial's data-driven approach and AI-powered insights have made a substantial impact on our success. We highly recommend their services to any B2B company looking to supercharge their growth.

Name: James Turner
Position: CEO
Company: ExportPro


"Celestial has been instrumental in taking our export business to the next level. Their AI-driven lead generation campaigns are nothing short of remarkable. We've experienced a 60% increase in qualified leads since we started working with them. This surge in leads has directly translated into a 30% boost in revenue. The AI technology they use for advertising and nurturing has been a game-changer. If you're serious about growing your B2B business, Celestial is the partner you need."

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