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B2B Marketers - Share your Catalogues and Other PDF Files 90% Faster


Share your PDF files faster

Why should you compress your PDF Catalogues, Product portfolios, Company Profiles, Proposals etc? Simply because your customers will thank you for it! Files will move quicker, get downloaded faster, it improves your email deliverability, does not clog the system and in general, is a win-win for everybody. 

Nearly 77% of B2B companies rely on PDF format files for sharing marketing materials and reports. Studies show that compressed files can reduce storage space by up to 70-90%, leading to faster upload and download times. This can enhance your communication with clients and partners, ensuring that important documents are always accessible and easy to share.

Whether you're sending a proposal to a potential client or sharing a detailed report with a partner, PDF compression tools can streamline your workflow. Both online and desktop PDF compression tools offer unique conveniences, making it simple to choose the right option for your needs. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best tools available for compressing PDF documents and help you decide which one suits your business best.

Different Tools for Compressing the PDF Files

1. Online PDF Compressors for Emailing

Online compressors for pdf files

In the realm of B2B marketing, efficiency and accessibility are paramount. Online PDF compressors provide an easy and effective solution for shrinking large PDF files without the need for software installation. 

These tools are particularly beneficial when you need to send important documents via email, as they help ensure that your attachments are manageable in size and quickly downloadable by recipients. 

By utilizing online PDF compressors, you can improve your workflow, reduce email bounce rates due to large attachments, and maintain the quality of your documents.

Following are the Popular Online PDF Compressors

A. Smallpdf

Features: Smallpdf offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, making it incredibly simple to use. The free plan provides basic compression with a daily download limit, while the Pro plan unlocks advanced features like stronger compression, batch processing, and OCR (optical character recognition), which converts scanned PDFs into editable text.

Additionally, Smallpdf integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Dropbox, and has a mobile app for on-the-go compression.


  • User-friendly with a straightforward, easy-to-navigate interface.

  • Free plan available for basic needs.

  • Mobile app support for flexibility.


  • The free plan has a daily download limit.

  • Some advanced features are only available in the Pro subscription.

B. Adobe Acrobat Compress PDF

Features: As a trusted name in document management, Adobe offers a free PDF compression service with a straightforward interface that allows for basic and high compression options. It integrates well with other Adobe products like Acrobat Pro, making it a convenient choice for those already using Adobe software.


  • Provided by a trusted and reputable brand.

  • Very easy to use.

  • Free service.


  • Features are limited compared to some competitors.

  • May require creating an Adobe account for use.


Features: PDF2Go is a versatile tool that goes beyond compression, offering a wide range of PDF-related functions such as merging, splitting, and converting files. The free plan has limitations on file size and features, while the paid plans offer higher limits and additional functionalities.


  • Offers various PDF tools beyond just compression.

  • Free plan is available for basic use.


  • The interface may be challenging for beginners to navigate.

  • Advanced features require a paid subscription.

D. PDF24

Features: PDF24 provides both a free desktop software and an online compression tool. It offers multiple compression levels and the ability to protect compressed PDFs with passwords. It also integrates with Microsoft Office for easy PDF creation and editing.


  • Free to use with additional features like password protection.

  • Desktop software option for offline use.


  • The online tool might have limitations compared to dedicated online compressors.

  • Installing desktop software might not be ideal for everyone.

Choosing the right online PDF compressor can significantly enhance your B2B marketing efforts by making document sharing more efficient and seamless. Whether you opt for the simplicity of Smallpdf, the trusted reliability of Adobe Acrobat Compress PDF, the versatility of PDF2Go, or the comprehensive features of PDF24, each tool offers unique benefits tailored to different needs. Evaluate your requirements and select the tool that best fits your workflow to ensure your documents are always easy to share and access.

2. Desktop Software for PDF Compression

For businesses that frequently handle large volumes of PDF documents, desktop software provides a powerful and reliable solution for PDF compression. Unlike online tools, desktop software often offers more advanced features, greater control over the compression process, and the ability to handle larger files without limitations. 

These tools are particularly useful for maintaining document security, as they can be used offline, reducing the risk of data breaches. By utilizing desktop PDF compression software, businesses can streamline their document management processes, save storage space, and ensure that their PDFs are optimized for sharing and storage.

Following are the Popular Desktop Software for PDF Compression

A. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Features: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the industry-standard software for managing PDFs, offering a comprehensive set of tools beyond just compression. Users can choose from multiple compression options, adjust image quality, and maintain document integrity. The software also features strong security measures, including password protection and encryption. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products and cloud services, providing a versatile solution for document management.


  • Robust and adaptable, offering an array of advanced features.

  • Offers multiple compression options with a high degree of control.

  • Includes security features such as password protection and encryption.

  • Integrates with other Adobe products and cloud services.


  • Paid software with a subscription model.

  • May be more expensive compared to other options.

B. WinZip

Features: WinZip is a well-known archiving tool that also offers PDF compression capabilities. It provides multiple compression levels, allowing users to optimize file size for different needs. The software integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer, making it easy to compress files directly from the file manager. WinZip also supports various file formats beyond PDFs, making it a versatile tool for managing different types of files.


  • Familiar interface for Windows users.

  • Handles various file formats beyond PDFs.

  • Offers multiple compression levels and options.


  • Might be more complex for users who only need basic compression.

  • Requires a paid license for full functionality.

C. 7Zip

Features: 7Zip is a free and open-source software known for its excellent compression capabilities. It supports a wide range of archive formats, including PDFs, and offers high levels of compression with advanced settings for experienced users. As an open-source tool, 7Zip ensures transparency and security, making it a reliable choice for businesses concerned about data integrity.


  • Free and open-source, making it an affordable solution.

  • Powerful compression engine with support for various formats.

  • Ensures transparency and security due to its open-source nature.


  • The interface might be less user-friendly compared to commercial options.

  • Requires some technical knowledge for advanced settings.

Choosing the right desktop software for PDF compression depends on your specific needs and preferences. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers a comprehensive and powerful solution with advanced features and integrations, making it ideal for businesses that require extensive PDF management capabilities. WinZip provides a familiar and versatile tool for Windows users, while 7Zip stands out as a cost-effective and powerful open-source option. Evaluate the features, ease of use, and cost of each tool to determine which one best fits your business requirements and enhances your document management processes.

How to Use Online PDF Compressors

Using online PDF compressors is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your B2B document management efficiency. First, visit the website of your chosen online PDF compressor, such as Smallpdf, Adobe Acrobat Compress PDF, PDF2Go, or PDF24. Upload your PDF by dragging and dropping it into the designated area or clicking "Choose File." Select the compression level, keeping in mind that stronger compression might slightly reduce image quality. Click the "Compress" button to start the process, then download the compressed PDF once it’s ready. Be aware of file size limitations, especially for free plans, and consider upgrading to handle larger files or accessing extra features like password protection, OCR, and merging or splitting PDFs. These steps make it easier to share files via email and maintain efficient B2B communication.

How to Use Desktop Software for PDF Compression

Desktop software offers advanced PDF compression solutions for businesses handling large document volumes. To use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, download it from the official website, open your PDF, select "Reduce File Size," and save the compressed file. With WinZip, download, install, add your PDF, choose compression, and create a ZIP archive. Use 7Zip by downloading, installing, adding your PDF, selecting compression, and creating an archive. These tools provide features like password protection and encryption, enhancing B2B marketing efforts.

Alternatives to PDF Compressor Tools: 

While PDF compressor tools excel at reducing file size, there are scenarios where maintaining original quality is paramount. Here are three alternatives that enable you to share large files without compromising quality:

1. Cloud Storage Services (Google Drive, Dropbox):

Functionality: Google Drive and Dropbox offer free storage space with options for paid plans. Users can upload PDFs and generate shareable links for direct access.


  • No Compression: Documents retain their original quality.

  • Accessibility: Recipients can access files from any device with an internet connection.

  • Additional Features: Both platforms offer versioning, collaboration tools, and password protection.

Recipients access files via links rather than attachments, ensuring no loss of quality during sharing.

2. WeTransfer:

WeTransfer is the tool for sharing the links of pdf files

Functionality: WeTransfer facilitates free file transfers up to 2GB. Users upload PDFs, specify recipients' email addresses, and send transfer links.


  • Large File Support: Accommodates files up to 2GB.

  • No Compression: Files are sent in their original quality.

  • Temporary Storage: Transfers are available for a limited time before deletion.

Recipients download files directly via transfer links, bypassing compression for superior quality.

3. Canva (for design-related PDFs):

Functionality: Canva allows direct sharing of design PDFs via links, enabling recipients to view and edit designs within the platform.


  • No Compression: Designs maintain their original quality.

  • Live Editing: Recipients with editing access can collaborate in real time.

  • Collaboration: Ideal for collaborative design projects or presentations.

Instead of compressing files, Canva shares links to editable designs, preserving quality and facilitating seamless collaboration.

Consider factors such as file size, desired accessibility, and collaboration needs when selecting an alternative. Cloud storage with password protection suits sensitive documents, WeTransfer's free plan accommodates large files, and Canva simplifies collaboration for design-related PDFs.

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In this blog, we explored a variety of tools for compressing PDF documents, ranging from online compressors like Smallpdf and Adobe Acrobat Compress PDF to desktop software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, WinZip, and 7Zip. These tools are invaluable for B2B marketing, ensuring your PDF files for emailing are easily manageable and maintain their quality. Effective PDF compression can streamline your communication processes, making it easier to share important documents without size constraints.

If you're looking to optimize your document management and enhance your digital marketing efforts, Celestial Fix is here to help. As a leading B2B digital marketing agency in India, we offer comprehensive solutions to improve your business communications and productivity. Contact Celestial Fix today to learn how we can assist you in integrating efficient PDF compression and other advanced marketing strategies into your business operations. Let us help you achieve seamless and effective communication.

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